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Purpose and Outcome driven
Illuminating the auspicious path forward
Scouting for unseen opportunities
Staying on the path

We know the territory, the weather,
and what’s around the corner…

Outcome-Driven Decision Making

for Purpose & Outcome

We are pathfinders and mapmakers.
We start by clarifying your company’s Purpose and Ultimate Outcome.
We make sure you avoid the pitfalls and master the shortcuts right to your goal.

Incubator AccountingTM

A unique and highly flexible combination of accounting services, business development processes, and systems infrastructure designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development

Living ForecastingTM

Machine learning financial robot algorithms see the signal in the noise and nimbly predict the future without looking at the past. Because great success looks nothing like the past.TM


Affordable experienced financial guidance for lean startups.
Keep your focus on what you do best, and still see and understand your financial past and future for timely confident decision making and rapid growth.

Business Intelligence & Excel BlackbeltTM

Financial analysis and dimensional modeling to understand your fast moving markets, competitors, costs, risks and opportunities…

Financial Metrics & Executive Dashboards

Business health checkup, traffic lights and alarms in real time on your computer or phone.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks CertificationQuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor ®

Support, and training for all Intuit QuickBooks accounting & bookkeeping software

Visual Data

Making complex data easily understandable for board of directors, courts, banks, venture capital and management decision makers.

Big Data OLAP Systems Design & Development

  • Data Analytics and Data Mining
  • Traditional Database Design & Development
  • Back Office Database Hardware

Hedge Fund Market Systems

Affordable research and development of trading systems for market traders and Hedge Funds without a research and development department.

XLQ and advanced Excel

  • Complex Excel Spreadsheets with VB and VBA code
  • Any data source, including real-time market data, live in Excel
  • Quickly test market trading ideas for viability
  • Courses and videos
  • Automated market advisor newsletters
  • Spreadsheet de-bugging and stress testing

advanced excel services

See what’s possible with XLQ and Excel video:
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All services are custom tailored to your specific needs. To discuss your projects and needs, please contact us below.



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