Our Vision

We are the pathfinder and mapmaker
lighting the way for those with passion and purpose
to express their gifts to the world

Our Values


We create an environment of high congruency, trust, honesty, respect and fairness


We keep moving, holding our vision & outcome, in the presence of fear & uncertainty


Everyone profits by our actions of manifesting true value and wealth in the world


We innovate & create new ways, programs, systems, products, methods and beliefs


Everyone we come in contact with lives in a better world by our service


We playfully enjoy the ride laughing at our mistakes, and our successes



We are lifelong learners, full of appreciation and wonder about why, and what if



We achieve more together than all of us alone


We are grateful for what we have, this day, and our ability to influence our future

Our Mission

To point the way for mission-driven leaders
to bring what they love into physical form

Our Founder

David W. Meyer is a leadership coach and change agent with over 40 years of practical business experience as CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, and lifelong student, and Senior Financial Outcome Analyst. He has a passion for assisting corporations, organizations and groups to do what they can, with what they have, where they are now, to quickly manifest desired company vision and mission ultimate outcomes.

Partial List Of Clients

AppDynamics: Audit of sales commission compensation systems

Brown & Caldwell: Knosis ProClarity project construction management financial reporting, budgeting, and variance.

Cephied: TM1 system design, rules, server hardware, Excel interface with charts and macros – Implementation of a custom project expense, and employee project time reporting system – This data was then aggregated, checked with rules, and added to the TM1 financials information to be used for automated project billing.

Choice Alternative Investments – Thomas Vician (Fund Manager): Developed portfolio risk analysis for bet sizing new trades for a $10+ million stock fund, using Excel, VBA, with ActiveX real time links to Goldman Sachs RediPLUS trading platform.

City of Belmont: Excel macro automation, and rollups for Budgeting Construction system.

Coaches Training Institute: Budget and Forecast system integrating with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for doing Monthly Forecasts – Ad hoc financial analysis – Database consolidation and cleansing and development of Data Mining system. ACT! SalesForce and FileMaker database development.

DVDO: Acquisition due diligence, and financial systems integration using PowerOLAP.

Ed Seykota (Hedge Fund Manager) Trading Systems Project: Excel system for web site to analyze the differences in data from various vendors of Futures Market data for both continuous, back adjusted, and individual contracts. Identify data errors and data cleansing.

FHLBSF (Federal Home Loan Bank San Francisco): Mission critical Cost of Funds project. A Daily Cash Flow Analysis project, a PrePay Valuations project, a Telerate and Reuter’s data acquisition project, and various smaller projects – Used Excel, Access, custom VBA and VB code, and Oracle databases to successfully deliver these projects

GTE: TM1 system design, rules, server hardware, Excel interface with charts and macros, and implementation of a custom budgeting and reporting system.

HearMe – Mpath: PowerOLAP financial reporting, and forecasting system with variance, and with charts. Real time ODBC data refresh Excel front end.

Intuit: Beta testing and usability testing for early versions of QuickBooks.

KLA Tencor: Acquisition integration of two asset tracking and depreciation systems.

Locus Technology: Knosis ProClarity project management financial reporting, budgeting, and variance.

Mabardy Properties: Private real estate management holding company. Implemented financial, systems, and process improvements that increased lasting bottom line improvement of 117% in just two years.

MediaZone: Excel budget forecast and financial international reporting. Profit and Loss reporting for individual videos, series, and genre’s.

Nancy’s Specialty Foods: TM1 system design, rules, server hardware, Excel interface with macros, and implementation of an expense reporting system. Also implemented a batch cost of materials data collection and reporting system.

PG&E: Senior Project Manager software enhancement, development, and bug fixes. Data analysis and systems process improvement. Change agent for crew size efficiency and standardization.

PG&E: Project management financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting system. CPUC Tariff and regulatory rules, custom visual basic and Excel front end, charts, linked Excel files, metrics, and risk of variance analysis

PLX Technology: Knosis ProClarity project management financial reporting, budgeting, and variance.

Revelwood: Taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced TM1 and advanced Excel courses.

ROLS: (Sun Microsystems) Excel logistics and warehouse efficiency metrics system.

Seiko Instruments: Data migration and TM1 hierarchy mapping between old and new source data systems on an existing TM1 reporting system.

Silicon Image: PowerOLAP financial reporting, and forecasting system with variance with charts – Budgeting done monthly for first two months of the quarter, then weekly for the last month, to meet Wall Street analyst’s expectations. Custom Excel interface for how the different users think. For example: Facilities by building, HR by headcount, R&D by project, Sales by territory, Marketing by campaign, Manufacturing by product line, etc.

United Green Mark: Excel pivot table financial reporting, budgeting and variance system

Viacom Entertainment: TM1 system design, rules, server hardware, Excel interface with macros, and implementation of a custom TV individual episode revenue and expense reporting system – Taught users how to use the system.

Vitria Technology: PowerOLAP financial reporting, and forecasting system with variance with charts. Real time ODBC data refresh. Excel interface. The system stayed with fast company growth through QuickBooks, Solomon, and Oracle financial systems.

Waste Management: Excel time and equipment efficiency, utilization tracking, and metrics.

Wells Fargo Bank: Check scanning and processing efficiency metrics and staffing utilization. Excel staffing requirements forecasting.

Wells Fargo Bank: Excel system to determine true costs of back office check processing operation as a standalone entity, to determine if the operation should be kept in house or spun off to one of three subcontractors to do the back office check processing. Analyze and report the pros and cons and true costs of each subcontractor’s proposal.

Woodruff-Sawyer Insurance: TM1 system design, rules, server hardware, Excel interface with charts and macros, and implementation of a custom revenue forecasting, expense budgeting, and expense reporting system with Actuals data acquisition from a proprietary insurance software database.


David has assisted us to get very organized and to stream line our processes and systems. He has high integrity standards and I trust our financial statements and projections much more than I ever have in the past. He is great at high level “what if” scenarios, presenting possible options, very detailed at what has to be done to achieve goals and follows up with implementation of proposals. He has recommended a number of cost cutting and revenue increasing ideas, and has been very sage counsel for greatly improving our business. David delivers promises on time.

The results achieved in the last two years working with David speak for themselves.

Revenue increased 43%
Expenses decreased 18%
Net Income increased 117%

Needless to say we are very happy and would highly recommend David Meyer at Business Intelligence Solutions.

Russ Mabardy

Mabardy Properties

It is with great pleasure that I will be able to share some of my work experience with David Meyer. I have known David since 2007. We worked closely together on several projects where his excellent skills in financial forecasting have allowed the company to realize various avenues of potential income. He has a strong work ethic and is very detail oriented. What I appreciate most about David is the fact that he is creative and thinks outside the box.

When I created my own company, I relied on David’s vision and forecasting. Once the market had changed for selling our product several years later, David, through his constant market analysis, was able to quickly realize the need to close the company. This has saved me a lot of money.

By hiring David Meyer into your organization, you will be miles ahead of the competition.

Brigitte Stafford

Sierra Rescue Tools, Inc.

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